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Increasing fluorescence

General information:

The amplification of weak fluorescence signals is still challenging. Here we present an AlSiO2 coated microscopic slide, that enhances fluorescence signals up to four times. It is essential to place specimen directly on the AlSiO2 layer. These new commercially available microscopic slides can be used for conventional fluorescence microscopy as well as for confocal laser scan microscopy.


Sensitivity and Specificity:


We observed an increasing of the fluorescence signal up to four times in comparison to a conventional transparent microscopic slide. The data analysis was performed as a semi-quantitative evaluation with the help of XIMEA camera-software (XIMEA API Software Package V4, Version 4.20, 64-bit, XIMEA, Münster, Germany) and ImageJ (ImageJ 1.52a, National Institutes of Health, USA).


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Addional information:

AlSiO2 Schicht erhöht die Photonenausbeute in der Fluoreszenzmikroskopie



Takeshi Sudo, Masayuki Mizusawa, Vertical illumination type fluorescence microscope, Japanese Patent Office 09292572 A, 11.11.1997

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Wolfgang Göhde, Objektträger für die Fluoreszenz-Auflicht-Mikroskopie, DE20 2022 101 038 U1, Mai 2022

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