Rapid Fluorescent Malaria Test – UV


SKU: Dg-4001

This improved Cytecs fluorescent based malaria test guarantees to see the parasites inside and outside of the erythrocytes.

Ref: Dg-4001 
Quantity: 46 Tests
Application: Fluorescent Microscopy
(Excitation λ=365nm or λ=460nm)


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Detection of Plasmodium ssp. in a view minutes


The “Rapid Fluorescent Malaria Test – UV” (RFMT) based on the staining of the macromolecule DNA and could be performed with capillary and EDTA blood. The fluorescent dye DAPI, precoated on the microscopic slide, is intercalating into the DNA and could be detected by excitation with ultraviolet light. No difficult quality management is necessary, because of the parallel staining of the nuclei of the leucocytes, which shows that the test is working as expected. Positive stained malaria parasites could be also detected in adult erythrocytes, because of their loss of the nucleus.

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