Rapid Fluorescent Malaria Test – UV


SKU: Dg-4001

This improved Cytecs fluorescent based malaria test guarantees to see the parasites inside and outside of the erythrocytes.

Ref: Dg-4001 
Quantity: 92 Tests
Application: Fluorescent Microscopy
(Excitation λ=365nm or λ=460nm)


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Secure and reliable malaria diagnostic in 2 minutes


The Cytecs Rapid Fluorescent Malaria Test – UV, is a microscopic technique for the detection of a malaria infection. It consist of ready to use microscope slides, which are pre-coated with a fluorescent DNA dye. The DNA dye stains the parasite DNA instantly. A first result could be given after 2 minutes.

The pre-coated reagents on the slides are dry and need not to be cooled.

The advance staining reagent conserves the erythrocytes and a trained microscopist can also identify the Plasmodium ssp. like in Giemsa.




Analyzing the Rapid Fluorescent Malaria Test – UV with the Cytecs MALARIA fluorescence microscope






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