CD4% kit


SKU: Ab-6003-CK

Ref: Ab-6003-CK
Quantity: 100 Tests
Antibody: monoclonal anti human CD4
IT4-R-PE mouse IgG1

monoclonal anti human CD45
MEM-28-R-PE/Dy647 mouse IgG1

Application: Flow cytometry
(λ=488nm or λ=532nm)



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Liquid antibody kit for counting of CD4 positive lymphocytes out of all lymphocytes for monitoring of HIV/ AIDS patients

International efforts are on the way to improve the follow-up diagnostic for HIV/AIDS patients by replacing CD4 and CD4% immunodiagnostic by viral load analysis techniques.

The implementation of wide spread and point of care laboratory capacity for viral load analysis is on the way and may last some more years. This means that CD4 and CD4% counting will remain as the key diagnostic tool for several years to come. And in the long future immunstatus analysis by estimating the CD4+-lymphocytes and
CD4%-lymphocytes besides viral load estimation will be of high medical diagnostic value.

Since about 15 years great effort has been invested in order to improve CD4 techniques and to develop new protocols with the aim to make this indispensable diagnostic test affordable and available to everybody who needs it (Greve B. et al., 2003). Especially children are dependent on reliable working CD4% protocols (Greve B. et al., 2005). Now we are able to introduce a our CD4% kit. This kit could be used on all known flow cytometers.



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